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 “I want to open a café someday, creating a place where people can enjoy small talks and a warm cup of drink.”

“Hmm, not bad an idea to start a small café. Stable business… Not huge profits but decent revenue .”

“Owning a cafe maybe a good addition to my retirement plan.”

“But I have my work commitment, I can’t leave my job yet!”

“But I have been working day and night for the last 20years.. Will a café business be another nightmare for me? Am I going to be stuck in just another job which, even worse, now I’m stuck with it for 24-7?”

“But I have no experience in this industry, am I too old to start?”

“Am I too young to start?”

“Am I?”

On 19 Oct 2011, some 20 over people turned up at the Huggs Discovery Day to find an answer to these growing questions.

Huggs Coffee, founded by a Singaporean whose desire is to own a successful café business that his friends and family can be proud of – A business that he can have control over, and can still plan for his next holiday without having to worry who will take care of it while he is away; a business that can give him room to experiment how to create better food for people who appreciate the better things in life, yet wish to still enjoy quality food at an affordable price.

Ronnie’s hard work and dedication has brought him great rewards. Since the opening of the first café 4 years ago, Huggs has grown to four outlets, and is on its way to opening two more outlets soon.

However Ronnie, being an ambitious entrepreneur, is not satisfied with where Huggs is. Ronnie knows that Huggs can grow bigger, go further, and be embraced by more people. He wants to see Huggs grow, and wants to help like minded entrepreneurs to grow as well.

Thus, Astreem collaborated with Ronnie to hold Huggs Discovery Day, an event catered to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to have their questions answered.

It is no surprise the turnout was overwhelming. Huggs offered a Franchise Business model that is flexible and suitable for investors of various investments appetites. Whether you have less than $100,000, or more than $150,000 to invest, Huggs has a business model for you.

Moreover, unlike some franchise businesses, Huggs is perfectly comfortable with franchisees who want to operate this business part-time, or keep it a 5-day week. Ronnie, the owner, understands you want to have a business and still own your life too.

What’s even more interesting is Huggs’ business concept. Huggs is unlike the typical café that you see down the street. Its sustainable business model is also attributed to an additional revenue stream: catering services to companies or corporation. In fact, Huggs has been a regular caterer to some of the very reputable Banks in town!

Without a doubt, Huggs is a promising brand with plenty of passion and growth opportunities. The café is currently looking for like minded entrepreneurs to grow their business further through franchising.

To find out about this exciting Franchise Business Opportunity, please contact Ya Ting @ +65 6749 9233 or enquiries@astreem.com